I tried to express my feelings.. I tried to respect all I heard since I was younger.. I tried to create a trip with my thoughts away from everything.. I thank with all my heart all my musician friends for their valuable contribution to "Mirror".. Without them this could never happen!! I love you guys !! A special thanks to those close to me, Petros Siakavellas, Babis Markoulis and the "guru" Takis Argiriou for his advice on my insecurities and maybe... I should thank the "crisis" that made me think the way I did... The sounds of my guitars are made by Giannis Papadantonakis at his gtr studio... My guitars are fender Stratocaster 1974, fender Stratocaster custom by Giannis Papadantonakis and I used Koch amplification. I hope my music thoughts take you away even for a little while..


Drums: Dimitris Antoniadis
Bass: Babis Markoulis
Keyb: Dimitris Keramidakis
Perc: Alekos Roupas
Trumpet: Pandelis Pashalidis
Sax: Takis Drakopoulos
Violin: Christos Bousdoukos
Gtr's: Christos Tambouratzis
Composition & instrumentation by Christos Tambouratzis
Recording & mix by Christos Tambouratzis @ tampStudio
Mastering: Petros Siakavellas (Digital press)
Artwork: Giannopoulou Georgia
Photos: George Ant


Many thanks to all of the friends/musicians

Drums: Dimitris Antoniadis
Bass: Babis Markoulis
Keyb: Dimitris Keramidakis
Gtrs: Christos Tambouratzis
Composition & instrumentation: Christos Tambouratzis
Recording & mix: Christos Tambouratzis @ tampStudio
Mastering: Yannis Ioanidis, George Antoniou (Digital press)
Photo: Babis Markoulis
Production: Christos Tambouratzis
Artwork: Giannopoulou Georgia


A Very big heartfelt thank you to all the amazingly talented musicians who participated and contributed their all to this album... It is indeed a very big honor for me. Like on my previous albums, I really did what I had in mind and wanted, and I thank God that I was able to conclude it. In the track "Symmetry of Mind", we worked together with my close friend Markella Panayotou who wrote the lyrics and is the voice on the track also. I will never forget the Good vibes during the recordings with all these amazing musicians with so much talent and musicality that participated in the making of "Symmetry of Mind" as well as the support and the love of all my friends who believed in me from the start and gave me the power to persevere in making my dream a reality! To name a few, Thank you to (Polis Pelelis, Savvas Christodoulou, Thanos Apostolou, Costas Segis, Spyros Kolaitis, Yannis Papadantonakis (technician support) and of course my daughter Marilena for her critics and her love (my queen), and last but not least, my wonderful life partner Kathrin who stands by me and sticks with me in any crazy idea I might come up with! Love u Babe...

Dimitris Antoniadis: DRUMS, Babis Markoulis: BASS, Dimitris Keramidakis, Asterios Papastamatakis, Thanassis Tsaouselis , Costas Segis: KEYB S, Giannis Arvanitakis: TROMBONE, Takis Drakopoulos: SAX , Alekos Roupas: PERC, Apostolis Malias: CLARINET, Menios Pasialis: DRUMS, Yiorgos Fakanas: BASS, George Chatzis: VIOLIN, Christos Tambouratzis: GUITARS. Markella Panayotou: VOICE (Symmetry of mind), Christina Jackson: VOICE (Aura)

Special Thanks to: Babis Markoulis (dude), Dimitris Antoniadis (my bro), Yiorgos Fakanas (Kliroucha mou), Menios Pasialis (power) , George Chatzis (maestro mou) , Markella Panayotou (menidi) and Christina Jackson (cahorn key).

Composition & instrumentation: Christos Tambouratzis

Production: Christos Tambouratzis

Lyrics: "Symmetry of Mind" Markella Panayotou

Recording & mix @ tamp studio: Christos Tambouratzis

Mastering: Dimitris Bellos, (The doctor) Symmetry of Mind (Yannis loannidis)

Art work: Georgia Giannopoulou

Foto: George Ant

With a wish that SYMMETRY OF MIND will convey my love through my music! Relax, pour yourself a drink and Enjoy!


Special thanks to all musicians for their passion & love:

Costas Seggis, Takis Magafas, Dimitris Antoniadis, Polis Pelelis, Babis Markoulis, Costas Sintridis, Dimitris Keramidakis, Giorgina Karahaliou, Nassia Gofa, Markella Panayotou, Avet Kizirian, Fivos Bozas, George Chatzis, my Family Marilena & Katerina and Bill Kalantzakos for all they have done in this project.


MUSIC: Christos Tambouratzis, LYRICS: Markella Panayotou (Stingray), Bill Kalantzakos (Love's got me, The promise, No one's to blame), VOCALS: Giorgina Karahaliou (Stingray), Bill Kalantzakos (Love's got me, No one's to blame), Nasia Gofa (The promise), DRUMS: Dimitris Antoniadis (1,2,3,4,5,9), Menios Pasialis (7), George Chatzis (8), BASS: Babis Markoulis (1,2,3,4,5,7,8), Polis Pelelis (6,9), KEYBS: Dimitris Keramidakis (1,3,4,5,7,8), Costas Sintridis (2), Costas Segis (8), Yiorgos Bernados (6), SAXES: Fivos Bozas, TROMBONE: Giannis Arvanitakis, PERC: Alekos Roupas, CLARINET: Apostolis Malias, VIOLIN: George Chatzis, GUITAR: Christos Tambouratzis

Recorded at Tamp Studio by Christos Tambouratzis

Mix by Avet Kizirian & Christos Tambouratzis at Avet Studio

Mastering by Yannis Ioannidis and Avet Kizirian

Foto by Chris Kissadjekian, Artwork by Fivos Bozas

All music composition, arrangement & Production by Christos Tambouratzis

The Other Side

Of My Soul

Special Thanks

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank the wonderful musicians that have performed in this album, my wife Katerina for her incredible help in all of my effort, my wonderful daughter Marilena for her vocals and my brother for all his support. Vicky Bee for her unbelievable voice and spirit, I am truly proud for what we have done. Also my friend Bill Kalantzakos, whatever we do together just flows... I feel there ain't no stopping us now. Wonderful lyrics, unique performances... Let's keep it going strong mate. My friend Michael K. Amil for his unbelievable faith and support. Really Michael I have no words to express my gratitude, from the bottom of my heart.

In hope that the other side of my soul will be loved by all of you. You give music purpose and meaning.

MUSIC: Christos Tambouratzis, LYRICS: All the lyrics are from Bill Kalantzakos except "Do it" by Christos Tambouratzis, VOCALS: Vicky Bee (Do it, Got you love, Million of miles, It will be, Lock the key), Bill Kalantzakos (Funk ya, Make it all good, Turn back time), DRUMS: Dimitris Antoniadis (1,2,3,5,6), George Chatzis (8), BASS: Babis Markoulis (1,2,3,4,7), Christos Kechris (5,6), Polis Pelelis (8), KEYBS: Dimitris Keramidakis (1,2,4,6), Yiorgos Bereris (5,6,7), SAXES: Fivos Bozas (1,2,5,6), TROMBONE: Giannis Arvanitakis (2,4), PERC: Alekos Roupas (2,3,4,5,6,7), George Chatzis (1), CLARINET: Apostolis Malias (7), VIOLIN: George Chatzis (7), GUITARS: Christos Tambouratzis (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), BACKING VOCALS: Costas Segis, Marilena Tambouratzi

Recorded in Athens at Tamp Studio by Christos Tambouratzis

Mix & Mastering by Avet Kizirian & Christos Tambouratzis

Artwork by Fivos Bozas

Production by Christos Tambouratzis

Awarded Guitarist & Composer

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