Christos Tambouratzis is a Funk / Jazz / Rock  guitarist, song writer and producer.   As a guitarist he has worked with many well known artists and bands for many years.  As a producer he has produced hundreds of albums and written many songs for many famous artists and for himself.   Members of The Christos Tambouratzis band include some of the most well respected musicians in the country.

Discography:  Tambouratzis discography includes 8 Project s: «Mirror»,«Back Seat»,«Symmetry of Mind»  «Cargo»,«Other side of my soul»,«Cell» , «I Won t Be Broken» «Moment In Time »has won 5 medal  @ Global Music Awards competition for the year 2016-2021 



Christos has worked closely with some of the most experience musicians in Greece and abroad.

Drums: Dimitris Antoniadis

Drums: Costas Liolios

Bass: Francis Hylton 

Bass:Yiotis Kiourtsoglou

Bass: Christos Kechris
Bass: Babis Markoulis

Bass: Polis Pelelis
Keyb: Dimitris Keramidakis

Keyb: Thomas Motter

Keyb: Yiorgos Bereris
Perc: Alekos Roupas

Trumbet: Mihail Yossifov
Trumbet: Pandelis Pashalidis
Sax: Takis Drakopoulos

Sax: Fivos Bozas

Violin: George Chatzis
Violin: Christos Bousdoukos
Bass: Yiorgos Fakanas
Drums: Menios Pasialis
Keyboards:  Thanassis Tsaouselis
Trombone:  Giannis Arvanitakis
Clarinet: Apostolis Mallias
Keyboards: Asterios Papastamatakis
Keyboards: Costas Segis

Voice s : Markella Panayotou, Bill Kalanzakos, Nasia Gofa, Giorgina Karachaliou, Vicky Bee, Phillip Brandon , Nina Mazani, Marianna Seas, Marlen T.

Awarded Guitarist & Composer